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Late-night smut tiems woooo!

Guess who

I bet u cant

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Well, as school is out for the summer and I have no particularly interesting things to do, I figured I would take it upon myself to make a Fanfiction Recommendation Page for the FF7 fandom. My recommendations are not the only ones that will be here, however. I am encouraging others to add their own commentary or recommendations via Submission, but if you recommend something, I will investigate it before approving it. This means that I will read and score the fics based on my readership rating system.

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Favoritism, man. Apparently, my current house in NC got a new streetview image on google maps four times in 2012, but the street I really want to see in Ohio hasn’t been updated once since 2007. And it’s a much more populated area with a lot more business than this podunk little burg.

What was google even doing here, for four months in a row?

In the middle of streaming, this happened. It shook things off of my effing wall. I think the leaves kinda broke the fall for the most part; there doesn’t appear to be any real damage to the roof. Still gonna need to have someone come out and get it down, though. We rent, so that’s not our concern, but it may be as our lease is due to be renewed in August, and in order to pay for the dead tree removal that’s obviously needed, our rent may be hiked. Yet we can’t afford to move.

I’m really, really, really getting tired of your shit, North Carolina. I’d go home if I could afford to, believe me.

schalakitty asked
Seph and Lazard in their date night threads, ready for a night out please! Your choice as to verse. :3

This Lazard is being driven around by a chauffeur. And he’s nine. Cait Sith is already watching from the bushes and ready to follow. There’s not a lot to worry about. Except Reeve’s tie getting covered in pizza sauce, or something.

xiaa asked
Ohh!! How about Lazard with #16? (winter clothes)

Not a fan of missions to Modeoheim. No sir, not at all.

albedosoyna asked
Tseng and 12, What does he consider vacation wear?

Different clothes? Tseng often forgets that the ones he already has can come off.

I promise I will think of real vacation wear for him and draw another comic, but this one demanded to be let out first.